Verbarkeratonyxis & Other Words I Never Use in Colloquial Language

I have an issue. I have a big issue. Okay, fine. Maybe not as big of an issue like Kim Jong Un continuously making empty threats to bomb the f*** out of our world, but it is still an issue that triggers me to hell and back. And that issue, ladies and gentlemen, is my inability to jot down my thoughts using simple words.

Let me clarify, I am not the best with complicated vocabulary nor do I like to use complex words in my daily life when it comes to both writing and speaking. I also hate having to rewrite this sentence 16 times just to make sure the grammar is correct (which by the way, it isn’t). I believe that content is much more important than superficial stuff, like vocabulary, grammar, and structure. And after all these months of having shied away from updating this site because of of those said issues, I have finally decided to break the ice with insanely bad grammar, poor vocabulary, an unstructured blog, and most importantly, enlightening thoughts.

Wow, I feel so free now. I can truly express myself and write what I believe in without having to give up halfway through a thought because ย “my sentence sounds like a middle-schooler wrote it.”

Anyways, there will be many more blogs to come. This one was just to pave the path to future shittily-worded blogs and enlightenment.

Also, since I’m a whimsical person, this is no longer a science ethics site. I hate setting boundaries.





2 Replies to “Verbarkeratonyxis & Other Words I Never Use in Colloquial Language”

  1. When I first joined debate, I thought everyone was so smart with their flourished language and in-depth knowledge of “deontology” and “utilitarianism.” Now I realize that they’re just necessary value criterion, not just flourished language.There are literary geniuses like Fitzgerald that obsessed over sentences with innumerable drafts, but we can’t all do that. Don’t bind yourself to some purpose for a blog, your writing is great no matter what ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yea I agree, a lot of the fancy words in debate are just terms to name certain types of arguments and at first glance it seems intimidating (actually it still intimidates me sometimes tbh). Like all this time I thought that blogs had to be perfectly structured and use big vocabulary and that steered me away for a while because writing is something I’ve struggled with all my life…but now I realize that blogs are to jot down your thoughts and share them with other people…I also think that at the end of the day, most people take ideas and stories with them regardless of how they were conveyed (like professional-style writing vs casual writing)…so now my fear has subsided a bit but at the same time, I might practice using some big words in blogs as a way of prepping for the SAT lol…but thank you so much Hailey for your comment and motivation ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. I reread all your blogs yesterday at midnight lol..idk they are just so soothing and I can relate to a lot of the issues you discuss and I really look forward to your deep thoughts especially about “fleeting bubbles” and “meaningless accolades”


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